FAQ - For Builders


How do we find a suitable contractor or professional designer for our project?

PBI has links to various trade and professional associations in Saskatchewan on our Links page. We also recommend that you check the yellow pages, search the Internet, and/or contact the Better Business Bureau. Word of mouth is also an excellent resource, so ask friends or co-workers who they have used successfully.

Do you do inspections for new construction in Regina or Saskatoon?

No. Regina and Saskatoon have their own Building Permit Departments and employ their own inspectors.
For building permit requests or inspections in Regina, please call 306-777-7000.  In Saskatoon, please call 306-975-2645.

When are engineer-stamped foundation designs required?

PBI's policy is to request engineer-stamped foundation designs for: (a) most projects involving piles or grade beams, (b) foundation pours deep enough to require steel reinforcement (e.g. basements, additions, retaining walls, etc.), (c) thickened edge concrete slabs for buildings that exceed a certain size or height, (d) PWF foundations, and (e) certain projects that may require engineer involvement.

Note that if your municipality has bylaws that requires a geotechnical investigation report be submitted (either site-specific or general subdivision) please ensure that your structural engineer receives a copy of the geotech report prior to designing the foundation.

Can PBI make changes if the designs don't meet Code?

No.  According to Section 9 of the UBAS Regulations a Building Official or Local Authority (municipality) cannot assist in the laying out of any work or act in the capacity of an engineering or architectural consultant in relation to a building that will be under their jurisdiction. Building Officials can, however, answer questions that are relevant to the Code (i.e. provide National Building Code interpretation). Owners should consult with their designer for advice and have the designer provide revised drawings that meet NBC minimum standards.

When does PBI come to do site inspections?

PBI conducts inspections at defined stages of construction, as noted on the Plan Review report. Since our Building Officials do not know when your project will be ready for an inspection, the owner or owner’s agent (e.g. contractor, site supervisor, etc.) must contact PBI at least 48 hours prior to pouring concrete, backfilling PWF walls, insulating walls or ceiling, covering insulation & vapour barrier, covering structural components, occupying a building, etc. 

For residential building projects, refer to the PBI brochure below for commonly required inspections. Note that missed inspections can result in the owner incurring additional charges and/or enforcement action; therefore, owners should check with their contractors periodically to confirm they are calling PBI at the required stages of construction.

Can I occupy my new building before it's complete?

Health and safety items must be completed before owners or tenants can move into a new building or living space. Call the Building Official at least 48 hours prior to moving in or sleeping overnight. Occupancy can be approved if required life safety items are in place.  If not yet in place, the owner must complete the outstanding items before moving in and must call for a re-inspection to ensure outstanding items meet NBC compliance.  A building cannot be occupied until written authorization is granted by the Building Official.

PBI Brochure - Residential Building Projects

Download the brochure below for a summary of on-site inspections required for most Class 1 residential projects,

as well as a list of projects that generally require a building permit.

PBI Brochure - Residential Projects (pdf)